With the  BEAUTY CONCEPT, you can gently counteract the ongoing, daily strain on your skin and regenerate it sustainably. The masks and eye pads are very easy to place and self-adhere to the skin. They are pure natural products with a very high water content, fostering a calming down of irritated skin and an enhanced penetration of cosmetic ingredients through the skin barrier. The result of regular use is a reactivation of the skin and a visible counteraction of the aging process. 

For visible care and regeneration of your skin we have developed two different Beauty Concepts:

skinArte BEAUTY CONCEPT epi nouvelle+ calmée specially designed to meet the needs of the skin after e.g.

  • cosmetic micro needling
  • Mesotherapy
  • Fruit acid treatment
  • thread lift
  • Vampire lifting.

epi nouvelle+ calmée is produced in Germany, consists of biotechnologically derived cellulose and is without additives. epi nouvelle+ calmée is a pure natural product – produced without chemicals and raw materials from animal origin. It is free of acetone, perfume or fragrances, parabens and silicones. It immediately cools the skin after micro needling and provides the skin with plenty of moisture for a long time: the skin feels well supplied with blood and has a fresh and healthy glow due to the moisture absorption.

Furthermore, epi nouvelle+ calmée line offers skin protection, care, relaxation and supports skin regeneration. epi nouvelle+ calmée is also highly recommended after other cosmetic applications for pleasant cooling of the treated facial areas. The convincing after-treatment is particularly suitable after thread ventilation, plasma treatment, peeling or microdermabrasion.

We offer the  BEAUTY CONCEPT epi nouvelle+ calmée together with SKINrePEN needling, 25 needle modules and 25 face masks in a complete package at a special price.

epi nouvelle+ calmée is available in the following forms:

skinArte BEAUTY CONCEPT epi nouvelle beautè

The consequent follow-up care with  BEAUTY CONCEPT epi nouvelle+ beautè supports the further reactivation of the skin and visibly counteracts the aging process. Inepi nouvelle+ beautè our natural, revitalizing carrier medium is combined with high-quality nature-based active ingredients. epi nouvelle+ beautè is produced in Germany, consists of biotechnologically derived cellulose and unique cosmetic liquids. The epi nouvelle+ beautè face masks and eye pads are pure natural products. It is free of acetone, perfume or fragrances, parabens and silicones. In combination with cosmetic liquids, epi nouvelle+ beautè soothes and nourishes the skin and ensures a well-balanced complexion, I provides excellent care, relaxation and delays the aging process of your skin. Our specially formulated active ingredients:

  • ACTICE MOISTURIZING LIQUID binds the moisture in the skin and contributes to skin smoothing, and
  • ACTIVE ANTI-AGING LIQUID stimulates the skin’s own collagen formation, helping to reduce wrinkles.

Used regularly, epi nouvelle+ beautè can help your skin visibly improve the appearance of your skin.

epi nouvelle+ beauté are available in the following forms:

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