Base material biocellic+

What ist biocellic+?

Biotechnology opens up new access to modern, natural-based materials and high-quality products. biocellic+, obtained from sugar through a biotechnological process is one of these innovative biomaterials. Due to its nanostructured fiber network, this natural, renewable biopolymer of pure cellulose has unique material properties. It can be produced in the form of fleeces, films, spherical particles or fiber suspensions. The biopolymer can be tailored to different applications. A controlled adjustment of special properties is already possible during the biosynthesis. 

Special features

Biotechnologically derived cellulose is currently under intensive research for applications in medicine, pharmacy, cosmetics, food industry and technology. It is especially well suited  as a wound cover, temporary skin, implant material, drug carrier and as a scaffold for tissue engineering and artificial blood vessels. In vitro biocompatibility tests with blood cells and cell cultures showed no negative influence on cell proliferation. There are no cytotoxic or sensitizing effects.  Genotoxicity or haemolytic behavior was excluded. biocellic+ is 100% vegan.

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