Expert partner for innovative and nanostructured biomaterials

JeNaCell is a specialist in the development and manufacture of biotechnology-derived nanocellulose with a well-defined design and a structure that can be controlled. Founded in 2012 as a spin-off of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, we provide our customers with innovative and pioneering product solutions in the field of medicine, cosmetics, technology and pharmaceutics.

Technological Leader

The basis for manufacturing is a self-developed, globally unique technology for the automated, continuous production of nanostructured cellulose in planar form. Because of this innovation, this fascinating, biotechnologically-derived biomaterial can be produced for the first time in large quantities and consistently high quality. The innovative process allows a high product variability through freely selectable fleece thicknesses and lengths.

High Product Quality

Our products inspire you with an exceptional material quality, high stability and structural homogeneity. Quality assurance is natural for us. Therefore, we are producing in a certified production process according to DIN EN ISO13485:2016.

Team Of Experts

We are an experienced, interdisciplinary team of specialists in the fields of biochemistry and biotechnology. Due to our scientific and technological qualification and experience, we can control the design and material properties of our products and combine them with active ingredients.


Company philosophy

JeNaCell is a specialist in high quality biomaterial production. We offer our customers innovative and future-oriented product solutions in the life science sector. We produce tailor-made products for our customers with the highest level of quality and safety.

In product development, we always use the latest scientific knowledge and technologies. Our employees are ambitious and always want to improve. We work as a professional team. Every employee has a clear framework and also freedom for creativity and individuality. We appreciate successes and celebrate them too.

We commit ourselves to fulfill our quality management system. We always want to improve continuously. The appreciation of our environment is very important to us. We always use resources efficiently.

With new impulses and high-performance materials, we enable our customers sustainable and effective product innovations. The satisfaction and the long-term success of our customers are our top priority.

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