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now we are online for a few days. Although our site is not perfect yet – we are already receiving inquiries.

I would like to answer one request immediately – due to the currently high temperatures and the upcoming holiday season the answer is perhaps important also for other readers:

Aysè asks:
The mask cools very well for a long time. Can I also use it if my facial skin has gotten too much sun?

Our skin burns particularly easily in the places that are strongly exposed to the sun. These are the so-called “sun terraces”. Redness and unpleasant burning of the skin are the typical symptoms of sunburn. In addition to these acute complaints, skin overburdening with UV rays leaves its mark on the long term as well.

A sunburn can be a first or second degree burn!

In such cases, Physicians speak of “dermatitis solaris” or “acute photodermatosis” – which is an acute inflammation of the skin, triggered by excessive UV radiation. Light sunburns are similar to a 1st degree burn. Burning pain and a feeling of heat are also typical. Often the sunburn itches. In addition, the skin sometimes “pales” during the healing phase: the burned skin is repelled and renewed.
Heavy sunburns can lead to blistering and second degree burns. Even fever can occur. Such severe sunburns need to be treated quickly. A visit to the doctor is highly recommended. This is especially true when symptoms such as nausea, headache or neck stiffness are added, indicating a sunstroke or heat stroke.

Sunburn – what can I do?

1. Out of the sun
2. Cooling envelopes
3. Drink (water!)
4. Moisturizer
5. if necessary: Get a special after-sun cream from your pharmacy

How long does sunburn last?

The first symptoms usually appear three to six hours after sunbathing. However, when the skin turns red, it is already too late – then the UV radiation has already caused damage. To avoid further skin damage, it is very important to consistently avoid the sun in the following days. After 12 to 24 hours the symptoms are most pronounced. Then they gradually fade away. Sometimes the skin peels off after about two to three days. Severe burns with blistering may leave scars on healing.

Now the answer to Aysès question:

Yes, dear Aysè, after too much sun, enjoy the cooling and skin soothing effect of epi nouvelle + calmèe.
epi nouvelle + calmée consists of biotechnologically derived cellulose and is without additives. epi nouvelle + calmée is a pure natural product – produced without chemicals and animal raw materials. It is. free of acetone, perfume or fragrances, parabens and silicones. It immediately cools the skin and reduces signs of inflammation.

In case of a severe sunburn, please pay a visit to your doctor.

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